You’ve helped to save the life of 14 children!!


It was all going so well. Until I cheerfully waltzed into the supermarket thinking I had amassed £1.12, rather than £1.09. After buying a carton of apple juice and a couple of bananas, I blew the budget by a whopping 2p – the shame. Oh the shame.

So as penance, I will be paying a £10 fine to Save the Children. Seems fair. Anyway, I’m back on track today – I bought an apple, some beans and a banana, as I didn’t really need much – still have porridge left, still have half a loaf of bread, still have biscuits, so was nice to buy some stuff without really thinking about it.


Would still like more drink though – the apple juice I bought yesterday is already nearly gone, and it hits home that some people really do have no choice. Picking something over water is the least of their problems – it’s pretty difficult to imagine really.

Yesterday I went back to eating porridge and a couple of sandwiches, along with my banana, again, and today has provided oven chips, beans on toast, along with said apple and banana. And as above, it’s just been nice to drink something other than water!


I managed to get in touch with the local paper to try and whip up some publicity to ask people to donate. So keep an eye out for me. At least 150 of you lot still haven’t helped me – if you came from Facebook you know what to do. I am not just going to go away – I’ll start harassing you by telephone next!! At the very least, please share this blog with your friends and family.

And text PHLL90 £3 to 70070. It’s free to text on any UK number, or you can also donate via my JustGiving page. You know the drill.

Ask me to the pub next week when it’s over, and I’ll even buy the drinks, so you’ll get your money straight back. Just help me to make a difference to Save the Children! Deal?

And finally: a MASSIVE THANK YOU to those of you who’ve donated. Thank you to the people I know and care about, the people I don’t talk to very often, and amazingly, the people I’ve never actually met before. I’m staggered by your kindness. With your help (and mine, now I’ve paid the idiot fine!), we’ve now raised enough money to pay for 14 life-saving courses of anti-biotics for infected new born children.

I don’t think I can say that clearly and loudly enough


How cool is that?


Enough ‘liking’, more donating!!

Listen up people! A few of you have started ‘liking’ my updates, which is all well and good but you still haven’t donated!

Obviously it makes me feel good, but it doesn’t help Save the Children.

So please, text PHLL90 £2 to 70070 to make a difference. I’m aiming to raise £500 in total, and of that:

– £14 could pay for a course of life-saving antibiotics for a new born with an infection

– £63 can train a midwife in basic life-saving skills

– £190 can provide a camel library to reach children in remote villages

If you donate via JustTextGiving, EVERY penny goes to charity. None to me, and nothing towards admin.

If you’re uncomfortable sending a text message, you can also donate using my JustGiving page:

And for those I’ve already confused: I’ll be living off £1 per day starting on the 22nd April. I haven’t started already – I’m still living the high life!
Thanks a lot