Definitey no Jaffa Cakes.. er.. cakes


So yesterday I caused a bit of a hoo-hah at work by forgetting to clear up my mess. It was a Jaffa Cake.. cake. And it was lovely. It appears that I also dribbled most of it over the desk, but that’s by the by.

The fact is, the pack of Jaffa Cakes was more than £1. As is just about everything else many of us keep consuming. So I can enjoy it now, but my colleagues will be delighted to know that I won’t be scoffing them in the office next week.

Shame. And apologies to my colleagues!

I can see that plenty of you haven’t donated yet. Please do. Just text PHLL90 £3 to 70070. It’s free to text. Every penny goes to Save the Children. And with your help, my colleagues won’t have to clear up Jaffa Cakes cakes cakes for the near future!


Enough ‘liking’, more donating!!

Listen up people! A few of you have started ‘liking’ my updates, which is all well and good but you still haven’t donated!

Obviously it makes me feel good, but it doesn’t help Save the Children.

So please, text PHLL90 £2 to 70070 to make a difference. I’m aiming to raise £500 in total, and of that:

– £14 could pay for a course of life-saving antibiotics for a new born with an infection

– £63 can train a midwife in basic life-saving skills

– £190 can provide a camel library to reach children in remote villages

If you donate via JustTextGiving, EVERY penny goes to charity. None to me, and nothing towards admin.

If you’re uncomfortable sending a text message, you can also donate using my JustGiving page:

And for those I’ve already confused: I’ll be living off £1 per day starting on the 22nd April. I haven’t started already – I’m still living the high life!
Thanks a lot

Bananas. Just another product that blows the budget…


Bananas! Yup, these fine bananas were just about in budget (£1!), but that means I couldn’t buy the bread next to them… Or the apples below them..

Choices choices! Thankfully I won’t have to make the choice until next week, as that’s when Save the Children starts. So this week I can enjoy as many bananas as I so desire!

Text PHLL90 £2 to help out! Every penny goes to Save the Children.

Living on £1 for Save the Children!

Get your phone out. Text: PHLL90 £3 to 70070. That’s it. Every penny goes to charity – no hidden costs.

If you’re family, a close friend, or just appreciate the cause I’m helping, text:

PHLL90 £5 or PHLL90 £10 to 70070.

Those of you who know me know I’m not going to run a marathon. Ever. If you know me well enough you’ll also know I spend vast amounts of money on junk food, coke (the unhealthy kind…), sandwiches, pub lunches and, oddly enough, oranges.

All of which cost more individually than the amount the average person in Africa survives on per day. To celebrate Save the Children Week, I’ll be making a change and living on £1 per day for 10 days, starting on the 22nd April.

I’ll be keeping a blog so you can keep track of my progress, you’ll be able to see the culinary delights I’ll be living on, and if I don’t end up starving to death, I’ll be hounding you to make a donation.

It’s probably the only time I’ll do something like this, so I’d appreciate it if you help out. You’ll be able to unsubscribe to my frequent and multiple updates by making a donation – everybody’s a winner. I’ll also be putting names into a hat with a grand prize, so those who donate get a chance of winning an unimaginably fabulous prize for their efforts.