So can I do menial tasks for beer..?


This living below the line malarkey ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. It’s playing havoc on my social life, for a start, and I’ve had to change a number of plans. Thing is, you only get one ‘leaving drinks’, and that’s not something I can change, so is there a potential way round my £1 per day?

Lets start with the leaving drinks. Would I be cheating the challenge if I do something menial to add pennies to the £1? Would you feel cheated of your donation, for instance, if I fetch every round from the bar in return for 50p? If I take all the glasses back to the bar? If I carry things for people, and be at their beck and call?

Is there a way I can top up the £1? I’d love to hear you opinions, so please leave a comment below – a lot of you have donated and I really appreciate it, so I definitely don’t want to step out of line.

That’s a problem for next Tuesday anyway, but I wanted your feedback.

Another thing I’d like your feedback on is entertainment. Where does it stop? Or start. So far, I haven’t spent a penny (in the literal sense, not the metaphorical toilet sense..), but this is getting a bit dull.

With the weekend coming up, I’d like to know what I’m allowed to do, and what’s off limits. I’m not going to cruise up to the golf course for a round of golf, obviously, but can I take my clubs to a field to whack balls? Or do I have to make my clubs? And balls…


And can I spend my £1 on something else – can I spend it on 2p slot machines, gambling in a bid for huge success – rather than spending it on food? Again, not something your average person in Africa can do, but I thought it could spice things up. The stakes couldn’t be higher – lose the £1, nothing extra to eat that day.. (OK, they could easily by higher! But it’ll still be a bit of a bugger for me if it goes wrong!).

You get the input, as obviously it’s you donating. And on the subject of donating, all you have to do is text PHLL90 £3 to 70070. It’s free to text on all UK networks. You can also donate £5, or £10, or visit my JustGiving page to donate more. With one child dying every 15 seconds, even a couple of pounds will make all the difference.

Back in the real world…

In the real world, and back to the £1 per day, I went a bit crazy (oh yes) yesterday and blew £1 on oven chips! That probably won’t surprise some of you, and it’s probably not what the starving Africans would do (freezer no doubt being a slight issue), but it’s still within the rules.


I’ve been warned off buying butter by a reader, and I’m actually thinking of listening for once! Which is a surprise. Tempted just to go and buy fruit today – apples, bananas, an orange! I think I’m up to £1.09, so I should be able to buy a few things. It’s just nice to have a bit of choice!


2 thoughts on “So can I do menial tasks for beer..?

  1. So.. I’m pretty sure if you were really living below the (tesco value) bread line you would waste the money raised by menial tasks on beer. I think you should charge 50p every time you fetch a round, but you have to drink tap water & donate whatever you earn to the people who actually live in is situation every day! Don’t cheapen the magic :p

    • Many thanks. I suspected it would be a ‘no’, but the question was raised and thus I ask. 🙂
      That no is enough then – I shall refrain.

      It does depend entirely on location as well, unfortunately. There are thousands of people in this country who live entirely below any line, and spend any money they can get their hands on exclusively on alcohol.

      They just tend to be the ‘unglamorous’ ones that get forgotten.

      Still, as it’s for Save the Children I’m also hoping they’d be too young to drink beer!!

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