One day down, nine to go…

Here you go then, the £1 I started off with…


Which quickly went on the following:


The porridge seemed apt. They always send oats to people in crisis, right? Just add water…
Well it was completely revolting, and I remember now why I don’t eat porridge! Still, not so hungry today at least.


And the change from yesterday:


Will do a full update this evening, so stay tuned! Just wanted to share what I’ve been eating so far (along with three pints of water!).

And as always, you can donate by texting PHLL90 £3 to 70070. It’s free to text on any UK network, and every penny goes to Save the Children.


8 thoughts on “One day down, nine to go…

    • Yes! That 8 pence would actually have made all the difference – yesterday I’d have been able to afford a 1kg bag of porridge, rather than 500g – but yesterday it would have put me 3p over budget.

      Shows just how much a difference things make at this end of the market – just a couple more pennies and the porridge would have lasted all 10 days, rather than 5 or 6…

  1. Good challenge! I read about someone doing this before and wondered if I could manage it. Though I can’t believe you’re considering spending a days budget on butter! Surely a luxury item and you’ll only use a tiny bit of it over the 10 days. Man up and manage without. And if you can find any cheap honey the porridge will taste much better, and you will be able to make a banana and honey sandwich (definitely no need for butter). Winner.

    • Great suggestion Jo, thanks!!

      Truth be told I was actually quite happy with the jam on bread, it tasted better than I imagined. Very happy at just how cheap a banana is, makes all the difference.

      Would you spend the budget on drink? I’ve been drinking water up until now, but that’s certainly getting repetitive…

      Thanks for the interest.

      • Probably not but only because I mostly drink water anyway… value squash is pretty cheap but again I’d consider anything that won’t last the 10 days frivolous! Also I suppose the cheapest 2L bottle of coke/lemonade would be within budget, but I wouldn’t like to say what it would taste like (or do to your teeth) 🙂 Having a nicer tasting drink over extra food is probably not something I could bring myself to do in your position.

        Anyway enjoying reading your blog and it seems like you have a good attitude to this, so keep it up! (And definitely don’t buy butter)

      • Thanks a lot for the kind comments.
        Yeah, I think I’d probably prefer water to the 19p cola as well!!

        Glad you’ve enjoyed the blog – I wanted to raise money for a good cause but I didn’t want it to guilt people into anything, so glad it’s been relatively entertaining.

        And you’ll be pleased to hear I didn’t buy butter!!! 🙂

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