Oh yes ladies, that’s right, I *am* buying Tesco Value bread..


They say supermarkets are a fantastic place to meet potential partners. And I can imagine there’s nothing more attractive than seeing some bloke rock up at the checkout looking incredibly smug because he’s managed to get a loaf of bread, something to put on it, and a couple of bananas to top it off! Oh yes, I am a total catch.. Mr Cheap himself.

As it stands, we’re under budget at a staggering 99p, leaving me £1.09 to play with tomorrow.


Which is brilliant, as it means I can spend the money on something that apparently everybody else can’t believe is not butter. I can’t say I agree with them, to be frank, as it tends to be a brighter shade of yellow than the banana I’m about to enjoy. Still, that’s a battle for tomorrow.

As for today, I’ve currently had a couple of bowls of porridge, the packet of biscuits is now half eaten, but I think things will last a lot longer now I can have a sandwich. Albeit without butter!


My evening snack:


And my weight. It’s gone down from the first time I checked it, but I’d imagine it’ll be up a bit once I’ve eaten. I doubt I’ve managed to lose that much in two days! Hopefully not anyway!!



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