Definitey no Jaffa Cakes.. er.. cakes


So yesterday I caused a bit of a hoo-hah at work by forgetting to clear up my mess. It was a Jaffa Cake.. cake. And it was lovely. It appears that I also dribbled most of it over the desk, but that’s by the by.

The fact is, the pack of Jaffa Cakes was more than £1. As is just about everything else many of us keep consuming. So I can enjoy it now, but my colleagues will be delighted to know that I won’t be scoffing them in the office next week.

Shame. And apologies to my colleagues!

I can see that plenty of you haven’t donated yet. Please do. Just text PHLL90 £3 to 70070. It’s free to text. Every penny goes to Save the Children. And with your help, my colleagues won’t have to clear up Jaffa Cakes cakes cakes for the near future!


7 thoughts on “Definitey no Jaffa Cakes.. er.. cakes

  1. A £10 massive shop? I’m afraid it’s against my rules; I’m actually going to spend just £1 each and every day, rather than £10 at the beginning. I think this will make a it a **lot** trickier, and include the necessity to beg, steal and borrow. Otherwise I could just buy a loaf of bread, fruit, beans etc and it wouldn’t be as challenging.

    Plus it would make my blog less entertaining!

  2. I don’t really know what to do about the drink thing. Just getting water from the tap seems a bit off too – it’s not like your average African can pay Anglian Water £xx and have water on tap!

    There has to be a line, mind. I’m not dying, I have too much to live for!!

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